Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Johnny at Daycare


I lost my cord to the camera so I haven't had a chance to do many posts lately. Besides the fact that is has been CRAZY at work. These are some photos of Johnners at daycare. He's with a gal who we love and he adores her. (what more can you ask for as a parent?) It goes to show that God will take care of you no matter what happens in life. When one door closes another one opens. Enjoy. He's one happy little guy :)

He loves to play in the rubbermaid bins and he'll dance anytime he hears the 'veggie tails' music in the background. I realize it's a shocker to all that he's remotely animated :) hheeeehehee.

Again with the wheels - he loves those darn things. Any time he can get his hands on one he's super excited about it!!

Just another fun day at daycare. He usually wants to stay and play when I go to pick him up. Hey, I can't blambe him - I'd want to stay and play too!! :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Baby John

We had a long Labor Day vacation down in Lincoln and it was great to see family! My dad celebrated his 60th Birthday with a big blowout party. We had a blast! Mom arranged to have some pictures taken on Saturday am since so many folks came down for the shin dig. it was wonderful to see everyone and share some fun times together.

Johnny cakes was of course the center of attention. He's such a goof. He knows how to ham it up for the camera now. He is just so much fun. I find myself watching him all the time. It's so fun to see him interact with others or to play with something new. He's all over the place! This is a good one of my and my mommy - plus check out the look on Johnners' face. He's 'tough' HAHAH!

His favorite still is WATER! Anything that has to do with water. He will find a hose and follow it to the house and try to turn the nob so water will come out. He has to splash in every puddle he finds, and any water fountain or faint drip becomes an immediate entertainment for him. You literally have to pull him away and all the while he's crying. It's too funny. TOTALLY my kid :)

I love this one of my and my SISTERS!! Auntie Mandie and Auntie Beth. The bestest two sisters and Aunties ever!! :) (no offense to all of my WONDERFUL Aunties :))

MY Aunties came and visited our new house before they left the big state of Nebraska :) It was so wonderful to see them because they both live in California and we don't get to see much of each other - it was their first time seeing our little Johnny as well - I think they like him :)

Overall it was a wondeful time and I was SOOOOO glad to see my family. I love and miss you all sooo much. XOXO :) I love you my pops!

The Craw Clan :)