Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Playin' with Dad

So this was too cute to NOT capture last night. John loves to throw rocks right now... wierd I know. But alas, he's a boy and I guess they like to do that sort of thing. So he was throwing the rock with Mark and then Mark would pick up the rock and put it in his pocket. Once he figured out that he could reach in his pocket and get the rock - OHHH BABY was he excited.Once he figured out that he could reach in his pocket and get the rock - OHHH BABY was he excited. He always does this "ahhhhh" thing. It's adorable. Sort of like a baby braveheart roar. So I quick reached for my camera and started snapping away.
He's full of words now, every morning it's "ouuusiiiide" and "cookie" as soon as you get him out of his crib. He also says and does sign language for "more". He's all about "daddy" and we're still working on the mommy thing. This picture is too precious for my words. His little punkin face staring into the last few minutes of sunlight for the day - ahhh :)

This is our massive pumpkin on our front porch. Notice the top fell off, someone was 'trying' to pick it up and it BROKE! ooopps :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Fun


So we went to Vala's Pumpkin Patch over the weekend and although the kiddos loved it. It was very 'dirty' and when we checked in there were 'feeding cups' I couldn't figure out what they were for so I asked and they said it was for the 'animals'. My mouth dropped open, animals??? Yikes! They had camels, goats, pigs, and other 'animals'. I was totally overwhelmed! So after we spend a few hours at our company's campsite and then we walked around this HUGE outdoor park full of the goodness of 'nature'. Like I said, the kiddos loved it. I thought it was 'very' interesting. And don't intend to go back. :) Although something tells me I'm going to have to someday. Oh saddness.
Here are some pictures of Makenna and Johnners climbing around on the pumpkins and a cute pic of Makenna and Maguire inside the Pumpkin Moon. Poor Maguire was barely tall enough to see through.

While we were at the campsite John found a bucket of water and before I could grab him he was COVERED in water.

You can see from the pictures that he LOVED getting wet.

Boy does that kid love water. I immediately had to change his clothes.

I think it was the highlight of his day. He was squealing with delight and I just had to look at him and laugh. He got a GOOD bath that night. :)

There's Mommy's punkin in his "Mommy loves me" outfit. Precious baby boy :) I love you

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Playin' peek a boo with mommy

So Johnners loves loves loves to play peek a boo. LOOK at all those teeth!!!
He's constantly closing and opening doors or looking through the kitchen table chairs and trying to hide. I have some glass 'pretties' in the corner and he KNOWS they are off limits - so he will sneak over to them and get really close until I catch him then he tries to 'hide' and play peek a boo all over again. It's a circle that we do almost nightly! On this particular evening he was playing peek a boo and then he ate dinner. Well he ate and was SUCH a mess that I literally threw him in the sink. Tada - and what do you know, he stinkin' LOVED it. That kid and water - match made in heaven.
(at least he thinks so :)
So here's our beloved Johnny cakes in the sink and loving life. Notice he has the spray part in his hand because that's his FAVORITE part. It's like a sprinkler inside!!! ohhhhhhhh :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

cute ones

Nothing is more precious then this little punkin' face. He sure loves that wagon. He loves it when I pull it back and forth, fast and then really slow. It makes him giggle and giggle. Mommy loves it too! Anything for that smile. I always count to three and after he hears 2 he gets a HUGE smile. Grandma Stanton helped me get a few of these snap shots. One of us had to man the wagon while the other snapped the photo. It was well worth the effort. WE LOVE OUR GRANDMA STANTON!
Makenna was being soo adorable with Johnners. She was reading him a story after they ate lunch. The moment was too precious to not snap a shot. He LOVES his big sissie! She is so wonderful with him. I love seeing their relationship grow :)
We planted a tree in our front yard and John wanted to help - OF COURSE! So he sat in the wagon and of course Mommy had to go grab the camera!! hahahaha
I love to play dress-up with Makenna and Maguire. I know you are all surprised :) This photo was too cute. Mark was mad because Maguire was in a Cinderella costume but hey! Boys are allowed to have fun too right??
good times with the kiddos. Look at those smiles :)

Playin' at the Park

We took all the kiddos back to the park a few weekends ago and while Makenna and Maguire were playing by the pond with daddy I got a few snapshots of our Johners exploring. It's so fun to see things from his perspective. As you can see, he wouldn't even look my direction. There was WAY too much stuff to check out. He was up in a 'tree house' and thinking he was BIG TIME!
I love the picture of the tires. I continued to try and get him to look at me through the tires but he was not cooperating! alas - he's a year old - what should I expect right??
Look at that face! Maybe it's a mom thing but he's stinkin' adorable if you ask me :)
His favorite thing is to push his brother and sister in the wagon. It's better then riding. At home he will pile all of his toys inside the wagon and the pull or push it aound the driveway over and over again. Look at him - he's pretty proud of his 'muscles' :) hehehe.
It was a fun day at the park for everyone - including mommy because all I had to do was play with the kiddos and take pictures. Nothing yucky this time. YEAAA!

Football time with Dad

Watching Football with Daddy!
He wasn't content sitting on the ground or even on Marks lap so he wanted to sit behind his head and beat on it. It was so dang cute.

You can tell Mark loves the camera! hehehehe

John then tried to 'wrestle' with Mark. They were laughing and having so much fun. I had to grab my camera and snap the precious fun moments!

Here's the two totally ZONED in on the BIG RED! Go HUSKERS!!!

Two peas in a pod. My guys - God I love them!!!