Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Stantons!Johnners was our little lion and he hated his costume. I was trying to get him to smile and it wasn't workin for him. So I began (yes I sadly admit) to bribe him.

He ate marshmallows - and not the small kind :) Yet still, in the image you see he's not a happy camper. I couldn't figure out what why it was so horrible for him. He will wear his hoodies all the time and never complains. HUH?

I wanted to get him with some pumpkins as well but he wouldn't look at mommy, he was wayyy to fascinated in "Veggie Tales" my bad, my bad. Now I know to turn the TV off first - duahhh!

Overall we had a great Halloween - it was beautiful outside and I walked Johnny cakes all over so he could get some candy. I acually allowed him to have a few M&M's!! that's a BIG deal!! The poor kid doesn't have a CLUE what candy realy is. heeeheeee. I'll get away with it as log as i can :)

Blessings to all :)