Thursday, December 11, 2008

we officially have a new member of the family now. He's small, furry and VERY cute. His name is Oliver and we call him "Olly". We got him on Sunday and so far he's managed to chew up a few of Johnners toys and have several 'accidents' in our new home... Mark assures me we're going to pull up all the carpet eventually and put down my beautiful wood floors (or tile)... quite possibly in the next 4-6 months! So, I'm 'dealing' with it for now.

To be completely honest - I did NOT want the dog. We have enough balls in the air now and I didn't need another one thrown in. But alas, life doesn't always give you what you want and I continue to live that lesson OVER and OVER again. Someday it will sink in :)

He is absolutely precious and Johnners loves him bunches. He's cute and spunky and full of energy. Oliver absolutely lights up Mark's eyes and he's as happy as a 9 year old boy. So you gotta like that part...

We took the kiddos to Coco Keys over the weekend and they of course had loads of fun. It was extra special because my parents came up as well - so we all spent some quality time pretending it was really 80 degrees outside and that the water was 'really' warm and that the other thousands of people weren't really there... well, the kids enjoyed it at least.

Johnners has NO fear. He would walk right off the edge of the pool with no concern. Scares me to death - we need to insert some fear in that boy. He's was running around like he owned the place.

Makenna was a fish in the water and her and Maguire had fun going down the slides and playing with other kiddos. And Johnners loved those stinkin balls - the 'boeys' he couldn't get enough of them.

Overall is was an 'exciting' time. The kiddos were totally beat and that means they had FUN :) I'm not anticipating another trip for at least a few more months... HAH! The things you do when you have kids. Jeepers - where was the handbook about this one? I've got to reveal my Casper white body, that hasn't seen an exercise machine in Lord knows WAYY to long and prance around about a zillion other now that's really livin!!