Friday, January 23, 2009


Sooo, now that we're almost in the end of January I thought I should update the pictures from New Years - makes sense right? Jeepers... I forgot about all the fun pictures I had from NYE. I realize that once you have kids the 'fun-o-meter' goes WAYYY down. I'm not necessarily complaining just simply stating that that 'fun-o-meter' is really low once that kiddo arrives. BUT - and yes there is a find new things to trip that fun meter. Like when your little guy leans in to kiss you good night or wakes you up by whispering in your ear and kissing your face. Those are the new moments in my life that I get my 'high' from. :)

Luke and Melissa came over for a few days to spend NYE with us and also our anniversary with us. It was so fun to see them and have them visit us. We all went out to Bonefish Grill for our 2 year Anniversary dinner and it was delicious! very very yummy :)
Had good times and good cocktails - see, the fun-o-meter was UP that night :)
My precious mother watched Johnners all night on the 30th so we could go out and celebrate our anniversary! YAHOO!!
Here's Auntie 'M' with the kiddos all playin around before dinner - what fun:) Maguire has the most killer smile - he totally cracks me up - tooo stinkin cute.

My auntie Moogie knitted Johnners this adorable sweater and hat - he looked sooo stinkin adorable - Mark called him his little Thurston Howell. :)

All in all our NYE and days off from work were fun and we enjoyed the high and low moments of our little fun-o-meter :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Enter 2009

Alas the holidays have come and thankfully gone yet again. We were home (in Lincoln) this year for Christmas. My brother even came back - I haven't seen him in two years! He got to meet his nephew John for the first time. It was soo sweet. I was fortunate to get to spend a lot of time in Lincoln over the holidays. Catch up with my sister (who now lives in Portland) and see my brother (who lives in Miami). For a moment time stood still and it was just the six of us all over again. Just more 'grown up'.

I miss being that energetic kid at Christmas. You got two weeks off of school and life was vibrant and exciting. Once you grow up that luster wears off and things just become hectic and stressful. Trying to manage every ones schedules and fit into the time tables is very frustrating. I want to go back to when the holidays were just fun and family. NO stress. Don't get me wrong, it's not that there wasn't fun but just more stress then I would have wished for. Because we just got a new dog and he's not fully potty trained Mark had to go back and forth with him and the kiddos every night. It worked best for sleeping arrangements and the dog. It's sad because I didn't get to 'sleep' with my husband while we were on vacation together. I realize this is a simple stupid thing but sometimes in life it's the little things that matter.

Johnners absolutely loves being at Grammys house and honest to God my favorite thing about the holiday was the fact that my mom let me go back to bed every morning while I was staying there. She would get up and grab Johnners then they would go make Swedish pancakes together and play. I was able to sleep for an additional two or three hours!!!! HOLY LORD was that AWESOME! It was really the best of both worlds because my mom got one-on-one time with Johnny cakes and I got to sleep. Wonderful!!!

On Christmas morning there were presents upon presents for the kids. John wasn't too interested in the presents but there was one in particular that caught his eye. My mom had wrapped up her old cell phone and given it to him. He opened that thing and for the next few hours all he did was walk around and talk and talk and talk! It was so precious!! and BOY does that kid have a lot to say. He LOVES pretending to talk on the phone. If there's an actual voice on the other end he'll refuse the phone. The other night I caught him pretending to talk on the phone and there wasn't even an actual phone in his hand! TOO CUTE!

He's all over the place anymore. It's amazing how much kids understand even at this young age. He loves to read and jabber with me and Mark. He's constantly running all over the place and has taken up 'swimming' in the shower. He lays down on the shower floor and covers the drain with his tummy. Then creates about 2" of water and thinks it's the BEST! I have to pull him out! He is SUCH a water baby. I love it! He is now 17 months and I can't believe how big he is getting. He's obviously going through a growth spurt because he's eating everything in sight. I pick him up from daycare and have crackers in the car to feed him on the way home. He doesn't let me forget either. If I don't hand those suckers back there after we pull out it's immediately 'cookie mommy, cookie' - see all 'cracker' type items are cookies. I don't actually let him have 'cookies' yet... His idea of a sweet is fruit! I realize this might come back to haunt me someday but I'm willing to face that when and if it does.

Life keeps us busy and Johnners does as well. He is completely obsessed with tags - more so than ever. If he sees a tag he immediately latches on to it and begins to suck his thumb. It doesn't matter where the tag is attached. If someone is wearing a shirt with a tag - he'll grab it. Dish towels, bibs, even (God forbid I admit) underwear! - I mean of course CLEAN underwear :) It makes me laugh - better yet he makes me laugh. I am filled daily by his energy and life! Love him Love him Love him!!! :)

till next time...