Tuesday, February 24, 2009

fun with grandma and grandpa stanton

We took a trip up to Clear Lake a few weekends ago with Johnners and Maguire. It was fun to visit with family and see Auntie 'M' and Uncle Luke as well. Johnners only had two accidents in the first few hours we were there. He cut the side of his lip and fell on his noggin. I was ready to get him a helmet by the time we left. Poor little guy. He's always getting into something! It just goes to show you can't protect them all the time.

Johnners loved to see grandpas horses! Mark said he walked right up and extended his hand - no fear. Which at first you go, Ohh that's so sweet. Then reality kicks in and you go, Oh crap - he has NO fear!!!
Here he is with grandpa - he did NOT want to take a picture so Jim was imitating his little 'fit' I thought it was cute...:)He definitely had fear when we went to the Dr. for his 18 month check up. He got on the scale and totally freaked. I had never seen anything like that from him. It was like all of a sudden he realized where he was and that the last time he was there he got a shot and he didn't like it. Well folks, he got one again. Talk about an unhappy boy! Hey, I can't blame him. I hate shots too!
We got a big bunch of snow at our home and took Johnners out to 'play' in it. I couldn't stop laughing at him. He was all bundled up in three pairs of pants, turtle neck, jackets etc. And just happy as a clam! Oliver loves the snow too.

Johnners is getting so big! As he gets older he has more words and new ways of thinking. It's fun to watch him grow and learn. I love you buddy! Your precious sweet face and big blue eyes - every inch of your little frame from the tips of your toes to the top of your hair!