Monday, March 23, 2009

bath time and reflections

So I'm giving Johnners a bath the other night and notice that I still have his robe (from a baby shower of mine) up on a towel rack in his bathroom. The tag says 0-9 months. Does that stop me from putting it on my little guy to see just how cute he is in a robe that's a YEAR too small for him? NOOO.... It was SOOO cute! He loved it! He was prancin around showing off how cute he was and smiling for pictures. He thought he was a stud - and so did I :) BTW thank God I put a diaper on him prior to taking this picture... think it's a bit small?

I hear mothers saying that their kids are growing up too fast and how sad it is but I haven't understood the profound meaning of that statement until recently. John will be 2 in July - 2! He's running all over the place, climbing up ladders at the park, and talking a mile a minute. When he's stinky he now looks at me and says 'stinky' then puts his hand up to his nose and says 'peee uuu'. He seems to learn a new word on a daily basis and he LOVES to read. We read books which he refers to as 'boka boka boka' and he points out all the animals and then makes their sounds. How is this possible? He was just rolling on the ground unable to walk a year ago. Now he's saying sentences and plays with the 'big kids' in the neighborhood. What? WOW!

It was a year ago in April that we moved into our new home and I can remember he was crawling all over the place so I was a total clean freak about our floors. We also had baby gates up all over the place. Now we have no gates and we've redone two of our floors simply for the maintenance and look plus the wear and tear it gets from a tot AND dog.

I'm constantly reflecting back on my life and wondering how I got to this place. What's the reason for it all and now that I'm here, what am I supposed to be doing...
Having a child has changed me in a way I never would have thought possible. He is the delight in my day the laughter I experience on a minute to minute basis. He is truly a gift and I am so thankful for him. What an honor to be a mommy. I'm sure I'm going to make a million mistakes and have already made a few bazillion - but we'll learn together and make it through. What a delight - he is my precious precious little baby boy. I never thought I could care for another the way I do for him. It's like my heart grew two sizes when he was born. :)

I love you so much my little buddy - you are the joy in me and your daddy's day :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A special Anniversary

March is a month full of fun. My parents 30th wedding anniversary was March 4th and my genius sister Amanda and I decided to plan a surprise party for them. It was a good time but mostly the fun was to see my mom so surprised and have a 'great' time :) As I get older I realize that birthdays are a big deal when you're a kid - as you age, the number you 'are' isn't so important. The big deal to me is number of anniversaries you celebrate. My parents have been through their fair share of hell with and without us 'precious' kiddos. The fact that they have remained true to their vows and have stuck by each others side is a really BIG deal. We "Americans" don't do a good enough job of recognizing that there are a lot of folks out there who do 'make it work'. We're so caught up in the latest divorce rate that we fail to look at those who are continuing to grind it in their marriage daily. Believe me, I'm the LAST person to preach about 'it's wrong to get divorced' but again, as I reflect on my life it really is a BIG deal to me that MY parents have stayed together for 30 years. I feel so fortunate to have two loving parents who choose and continue to set a positive example of marriage for me. Sure I've seen them go through good times and bad. But we all have those days/weeks/months - it's the commitment to endure through those bad days/weeks/months that speaks volumes to me. Mostly I've seen the change in my father. His focus has become less on himself and more on my mother. WOW! Now THAT'S BIG TIME:) They make a great team and now that I'm in my (ahem ahem) 'late' 20's, I've reached a new 'stage' with them. They have become my sounding board and my confidant. Two well respected and much appreciated people in my life. They are actually number 2 and 4 on my speed dial - WOW. I never thought I'd be saying that.
Cheers to you for making it this far. For continuing to be supportive and loving. Cheers to you for sticking to your commitment to each other and CHEERS to many more years together. I love you both :)

Of course, I had to toss one of the kiddo in :) My little guy cheesin' it up