Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Easter

Hippity Hippity hop the Easter bunny came to town. And as you can tell, Johnners wasn't exactly thrilled to see him...
It actually was a great Easter and the weather even cooperated too :) I run the activities for our company and hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for over 100 kiddos this year. Fortunately Makenna and Maguire got to participate this year as well. They had fun running around and gathering up eggs.

Johnners just thought it was cool to get the eggs. UNTIL...he discovered that there was candy inside! Awww man! My poor sheltered baby. He doesn't get much candy b/c mommy won't let him have it and when he does get it - look out! He was totally obsessed on Sat. He had more sweets that day then he ever has his entire life!! So I realized two things. 1. Maybe I should gently expose him to sweets so he doesn't go hog wild when he does get it. 2.That boy LOVES sugar!!! Again, awwww man! I want him to think sugar is strawberries and peaches - yum yum. Well you can't 'protect' them forever huh? Shoot!
We went to grammys and pappys for Easter day and had a good time doing yet another Easter Egg Hunt and other fun stuff. The kids all got outfits from grandma Stanton and they all looked sooo darling. I of course was trying to get some cute pictures but I'm learning fast that little ones don't like to take a lot of pictures - oh and neither does my husband. Hence all the awesome smiles you see on their faces... :)
Even grandma Jean came over to celebrate the day with us. She got a cute new hair-do too!! I thought this moment was so precious between the two of them. :) She was telling him all about the train on the outside of this box, and he was totally eatin it up!

Happy Easter to you and your families too!!!