Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May Fun

May May where did you go?
Wow May went by fast! Work has been CRAZY and the weather is warming up so that means less time on the computer and more time outside with Johnners. He is full force right now. Talking a mile a minute and repeating everything you say. His big thing right now is when riding in the car he's constantly saying "mom - Loook!" and pointing out the window and every thing that sparks his interest. The most exciting things he sees are tractors, cranes, and big dump trucks. In fact Mark got him a shirt with dump trucks on it and when he wears it he's constantly pointing at it saying "Look!" It's too cute.

We went down to Lincoln for Mother's day and spent some time with my grandma and mom.

Here's me and auntie Mandie cheezin it up on my mom's new bench - she's so proud of her purchase!

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a really fun Memorial day this year - we went out to a friends lakehouse and played in the sand with friends. Mark took a spin on a kayak and we fished. The fish were actually so tame that they would swim right up to your feet. Johnners thought that was the best thing EVER. He would reach down and could literally touch them. It was so fun to see him giggle and squeal with delight after interacting with those fishies!
This is one of my favs - he was SO happy that day! :)

We tried to convert his crib to a big boy bed - THAT was a mistake!!! He thought it was sooo great that he could climb in and out that it would take him an hour and a half to finally fall asleep! We'd poke our heads in and he'd be riding his rocking horse or looking out the window. Geesh! Plus he fell out of his crib a few times... :( I had pillows under the crib and it's not very high off the ground. It was so cute though because the last time he fell out I rushed in there and he was sitting on the floor, he looked up at me and said, 'Uh Oh!" (This is at 4 in the morning). OH my gracious child!
So I converted his bed into a crib last night and the little guy zonked out! Maybe I was pushin my luck with the big boy bed...all in good time right?

June my sister comes home and then she takes off for a YEAR in JAPAN! Don't know how I'm gonna get through that one... sad for me GREAT for her.