Monday, December 28, 2009

ok so I figure six months later I might as well try this again. Wow this has been a busy year and apparently I must make 'keeping up on my blog' part of my new years resolution. (does that make you feel better Stac?)

To recap the last six months - the word busy comes to mind. First and foremost Johnners turned two! Yes, TWO. I can't believe how big his is getting and that he's not a baby anymore...:( sad. We had his birthday party at my moms house and grandma came over as well my aunt, uncle, and sister. Marks sister and husband and mom and dad came too. It was actually a chilly day. July 31st - chilly. Who would have guessed? It didn't keep us from dippin in the pool, even if only for a few moments though.
Johnners favorite part was the cake. My mom made his cake and I asked her to make the 'healthiest' kind. So he got carrot cake, with cream cheese frosting. Eh, he only turns two once right? We got him a John Deer tractor -(of course my hubbies idea) and oh man does he love that thing!!! It was so fun to see him ride it for the first time, and still is. He'll get in the garage now and sit in it - look at me and say "mommy I wanna ride outside" ummmm yea, it's a little freezing out there now
From there it seems like fall came a minute later. Work was the busiest I've ever experienced and Mark and Johnners got to spend a LOT of time together as I was working a lot of extra hours at the office. In face they took a trip to Colorado together. Just the two boys. Mark said it was so fun to see Johnners take in the amazing landscape in Colorado. He saw lots of 'Moosas' and couldn't stop telling me how big the mountains were. They had a good time. And got snow while they were up there. (In OCT) I guess we should have taken the early snow fall in CO as a sign of what was to come for us this winter. I had a whole week with our 'precious' Oliver and my house was clean and tidy every day. That was the BEST part of my week. The worst part of my week was being without my two guys...I realized that week that I'd rather have a dirty house that I get to clean every day than not have my boys at home. This was quite the eye opener for me. I thought I would be happy as a clam with my clean house and nothing on my agenda...guess it goes to show that sometimes what you think you'll love isn't what you thought... good eye opener!

My brother got married in November and we went down to FL as a family and Johnners got to ride on an airplane for the first time. It was a trip I'll never forget...He didn't like having to sit still and in one seat for two hours at a time (each flight) and we had quite a few melt downs...another growing/learning experience as a parent. He still remembers flying and airplanes are his new fav! It's so cute. We got off our last flight coming home and both Mark and I were ready to pull our hair out - Johnners looks at us and says, "Let's do it again" we both said sure - but you'll have to do it alone!
Here's one of me and my beautiful momma!
I'm so glad we were able to be there for my brothers wedding and to get a chance to spend some time relaxing under the Florida sun! He also got to see the ocean for the first time and let me tell you he LOVED the sand, but HATED the water. In fact he would run away from the waves crashing on the sand. I laughed and laughed. I assumed that since he was my son he'd be one with the water the moment he saw it. NOT so true...but only time will tell. Here's one of the whole fam including our new sister-in-law, beautiful Sofia!! It was such a beautiful day and they were sooooo incredibly happy :)
this is Johnners and I at the reception. He was hammin it up. Surprised?

Christmas this year proved to be the most 'diffucult' Christmas I've ever had. We had more snowfall this year then I've ever seen in my life. We've run out of room to put it! There are drifts over 12 feet tall in our neighborhood. Talk about a white Christmas!
Fortunately we were able to head up to Clear Lake and spend the holiday with family. This has been my favorite year yet with Johnners for Christmas. This is the first time he understood opening presents and totally got sooooo excited when he would open a gift. Everything was 'WOOOOOOW' and 'WOOOOAAAAHHHH' or 'Ooooh Myyyy GOOOOooosh' I realize the 'magic' of Christmas is being able to experience the delight on your child's face when they open something that they get so excited about. He still doesn't get the whole "Santa" thing, but bet your bottom we'll be using that one as a behaviour encourager next year!

I turned a big number three weeks ago and I'm determined to make the 30's the best years of my life. I learned some very hard lessons in my 20's so hopefully I'll be able to use those experiences and be able to apply them to life going forward... Having another child is going to be very interesting. Can't wait to blog about her and how wonderful Johnners is as a big brother.

Johnners is speaking in complete sentences and his imagination is full of wild ideas. He loves his Kiki, Mimi, and bear and has to sleep with them nightly. The potty training thing is still in the works and yes, I'm ashamed to admit he's still in his crib :( every time we try to convert it he falls out all night long. Yet, if he sleeps in a 'big boy bed' (twin) he's totally fine. We've got things to work on and believe me I realize that all of this is just one work in progress after another. But that's ok. I'm under the impression right now that I'm up for the challenge. At least today...

Cheers to 2010 and what's to come. Wishing you all a Happy New Years!