Monday, February 1, 2010


Well January has come and gone and I'm not going to miss it even for one second. This is officially the worst winter I've ever experienced hands down! We've had numerous times where there are 6ft drifts in front of our garage and have to have a snow plow come dig us out! Johnners doesn't really know what to think about all this snow. He's been out to play in it a few times but it's been sooooo darn cold that It's just not smart to have him out. I did get to capture a few cute pics of him enjoying the snow though...

He is speaking in full sentences and saying the cutest things. Mark and I are constantly amazed at the things coming out of his mouth. Plus he's hit that age where he repeats everything you say! That's scary for the parent... :/

Tonight was spent singing songs *twinkle twinkle and *Sunshine, and watching his favorite - Ice Age! He loves the dinosaurs!! The other things that he is obsessed with currently are guns, everything is shoot em up bang bang stuff. It's hilarious and yet very weird for me because it's a total little boy thing and having never been a little boy I don't understand the obsessions with shooting things. Good thing his dad does! The two of them are like little peas in a pod together. In fact Mark keeps him home a few days a week just to hang out with the little guy and bond. He LOVES his daddy!!
He's such a sweet little guy and the older he gets of course the more ornery he is, but he's also the same sweet boy that will wake up in the am and give me a big squeeze and kiss! He's such a cuddler and can be such an adorable little character. As I type he is standing up trying to figure out how to put on his diaper. LOL. yes, unfortunately we are still in diapers... He's great at going pee pee in the potty, but number two, FORGET ABOUT IT! He screams and throws a fit. Poor guy, we'll get it figured out soon, I hope...

I'm now 7 months pregnant and ready for it to be over. It's much harder with your second because when you're tired, wellll..... too bad. You've got a toddler to chase after.

I can't wait to meet our little girl and for Johnners to have a permanent play mate. Our little family will be complete and it seems sometimes that I've won the child lottery. Boy AND girl. Totally content :)

We've scheduled the c-section for April 14 so her bday will be 4/14/10. Looking forward to it. I've begun my MSPI diet again and hoping this time I won't be so miserable...we'll see how it goes.

Hopefully February goes fast...I need to see some sunshine and know that this winter won't last forever!! Here's Johnners and his very very favorite thing - KIKI!!! Oh what would we do with out KiKi "
Cheers to another month :)