Sunday, March 21, 2010

Feb - Mar

Well February came and went - quite quickly :) I was all set to post a new blog and then we received some very sad news. My precious Grandma KC passed away on March 2. She had a stroke and never woke up. I guess in a way, you can be glad that there wasn't years of suffering or turmoil for her. I can rejoice that she is now dancin in heaven with her husband and reconnecting with all those that she has lost in her life. She was a woman to aspire to. I can't recall a moment where she was unaffectionate or unfriendly to me. She was always encouraging and sweet and there with a hug and multiple kisses on your cheek if you needed them or not. She was the perfect grandma, just the way they should be. Full of laughter and love and good stories about your parent that he/she would never tell you themselves. :) we all adored her and she will be dearly dearly missed. I'm glad my son had a chance to meet her, although he won't remember it. That's ok.
So we traveled down to TX to attend her funeral and say our sad goodbyes. The nice part of the trip as that 1. my sister from Japan flew all the way over to see us! 2. The weather got into the 70's 3. we got to see all our family!! It was nice, I have to admit. To sit around an outdoor fire and see familiar faces of the ones we love,and have a moment to share a hug and lots of laughs together. For that I am grateful for the visit down south.

It's now mid March (obviously) and life has yet again continued on. Funny how it does that, whether or not we want it to... We actually had a day in NE in the 60's and then the very next day - it snowed...seems like spring will never get here.
Speaking of spring, we hope to have a spring baby...I'm three and a half weeks away now and boy can I tell I'm close! My sweet husband got me a pregnancy massage the other day and she was like 'woah' you're back is a mess! My sciatic nerves go back and forth from being pinched and in major pain. In fact, my legs both went numb while I was getting the massage - note to self: that's not a good thing.
Johnners is soooo anxious for warm weather and the chance to get outside and play. He's been riding his bigwheel toy in the garage some nights when we get home just because he wants to play so badly. :( poor guy.

We're still working on the potty training and are having a little more success,but it's a lot harder than I thought it would be. I keep reminding myself that it's not like he's going to go to preschool in diapers right???

He's totally into golf and any stick or long item that he finds he's trying to hit a ball with it. He actually said to me the other day, "mommy, isn't it spring? can we go golfing yet?" My heart just melted!! THAT'S MY BOY!
He constantly cracks me and Mark up by the things he'll say, or just how goofy he'll act. He's quite entertaining if you ask me. Just reinforces that 'kids say the darnedest things' - because they totally do!

It will be interesting to see how he does with a baby around. I'm sure I'll have good stories about that as well. I can only imagine, and then I realize that what I imagine is still probably not accurate.

I'm guessing by the next time I get around to posting something on this, I'll have a new baby to boast about.

Prayers that these next 3 weeks go by quickly. Momma's body is worn out! (yes, I realize the hardest part is still ahead) BUT once you get to the hardest part all you can do is tackle it and grow from there right?

Here's to spring and a new baby girl to bless our family :)