Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Having an attitude of gratitude is only possible if you have faith in knowing everything will be alright in the end. I'm grateful for each and every one of you!
I can't believe how fast time flies after the second child. Everyone kept telling me it would, but true to my human nature, I had to believe it for myself. And sure enough, it's FLYING by!
Isabella is God's gift to me. I'm sure of it! She is the reason people have babies. She is cuddly, fat, smiley, and sweet as can be! She sleeps well, eats well, and 90% of the time she is giggly, smiley and wonderful! What joy she has brought to my life! My favorite thing is watching her interact with Johnners. They already have a special bond and are each others best friends. He is SO sweet with her. It just melts this little mommas heart!

Johnners is ALL boy and spends his days playing with his army tanks and blowing things up! He is a highly organized little boy. All of his toys are usually lined up in rows and he displays them ever so neatly! All other times, they are scattered all over his room, and our living room...we're working on his 'cleaning up skills'. :(
Izzie loves to sit up and play. She wants none of this 'lay on my tummy and try to crawl bs' nope. She's not having any of that! She wants to sit up and be part of the action. Since she was born she has wanted to 'control' things. When I try to feed her baby food now she reaches up her hands so SHE can hold the spoon and not me! I have to hold her hands down to feed her! Whereas Johnners couldn't get enough food - he was just a little bird with his mouth wide open!

I enjoy getting home every day so I can interact with my kids. Cuddle, play, laugh, and love on them until bed time. I never knew being a mom could be this fulfilling. It's the most amazing experience of my life. And this is coming from a person who wasn't sure she ever wanted to have kids!
I have so many things to be thankful for this year. We recently moved into a new home and were able to purchase a new vehicle! I am SOO thankful for the generosity and kindness that has been poured over us lately.

Realizing that 5 years ago at this time I was sleeping on an air mattress and living in a one bedroom apartment makes me extremely humbled and grateful for what I have today. It's amazing what 5 years can do to someone. My whole life has changed - and for the better!
Here's to kindness and thanksgiving this holiday season.
Blessings to you all :)

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